Sierra Research


Sierra Research has provided government- and private-sector clients with a wide variety of engineering, testing, modeling, analytical, and regulatory compliance tasks related to air quality and air pollution control for over 30 years.

Sierra's field of experience ranges from assisting businesses with air quality permits, to designing vehicle emissions inspection programs, to providing more basic research and analysis related to emission control measure development analysis related to air quality for government agencies.

Sierra is headquartered in Sacramento, California, and also has an office in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Our staff includes individuals with training in the fields of automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, civil engineering, atmospheric science, meteorology, chemistry, biology, and law.


Name Position Location Phone Email
DULLA, Bob Senior Partner Sacramento, CA 916.273.5128 Email
LYONS, Jim Senior Partner Sacramento, CA 916.273.5138 Email
RUBENSTEIN, Gary Senior Partner Sacramento, CA 916.273.5126
916.802.1375 (c)


Name Position Location Phone Email
ADKINS, Jeff Managing Partner Sacramento, CA 916.273.5127 Email
ANDREWS, Tom Principal Engineer Sacramento, CA 916.273.5139 Email
AUSTIN, Tom Principal Technical Advisor Sacramento, CA 916.444.6666 Email
CARLSON, Tom Principal Scientist Sacramento, CA 916.273.5140 Email
DALY, Allan Senior Engineer Sacramento, CA 916.273.9980 Email
DIXIT, Poornima Associate Engineer Sacramento, CA 916.273.5147 Email
DOUGLASS, Brenda Principal Scientist Sacramento, CA 916.273.5135 Email
GARDETTO, Ed Senior Engineer Ann Arbor, MI 734.761.6658 Email
GIANOLINI, Kate Associate Specialist/Editor Sacramento, CA 916.273.5118 Email
GRAHAM, Courtney Senior Engineer Sacramento, CA 916.273.5144 Email
HILL, Steve Pricipal Engineer Oakland, CA 916.273.5142
510.684.3671 (c)
HIXSON, Mark Associate Engineer Sacramento, CA 916.273.5154 Email
KOCHUNAS, Kathryn Senior Engineer Ann Arbor, MI 734.761.1523 Email
LIU, Wei Associate Specialist Sacramento, CA 916.273.5143 Email
LOMBARDO, Michael Associate Engineer Sacramento, CA 916.273.5145 Email
MALCHOW, Matt Associate Engineer Sacramento, CA 916.273.5137 Email
MARCUCCI, Alexandra Senior Engineer Sacramento, CA 916.273.5133 Email
MATTHEWS, Nancy Principal Engineer Sacramento, CA 916.273.5124 Email
STRACHAN, Susan Project Manager Davis, CA 530.757.7038
530.220.7038 (c)
TONG, Candy Senior Engineer Sacramento, CA 916.273.5123 Email
VALDEZ, Marc Associate Specialist/Air Quality Meteorologist Sacramento, CA 916.273.5129 Email
WALTHER, Eric Principal Scientist Sacramento, CA 916.273.5134 Email
WILLIAMS, Lori Associate Engineer Sacramento, CA 916.273.5131 Email
ZHANG, Wenxian Associate Engineer Sacramento, CA 916.273.5151 Email


Name Position Location Phone Email
MCAULIFFE, Gabriel Assistant Specialist/Librarian Sacramento, CA 916.273.5117 Email
RICCARDI, Alison Accounting Sacramento, CA 916.273.5120 Email
RODGERS, Karen Office Manager/Contracts/Accounting Sacramento, CA 916.273.5148 Email
WILLTER, Josh Assistant Specialist/Graphics Sacramento, CA 916.273.5132 Email