Vehicle & Engine Certification & In-Use Compliance Support

Sierra has considerable experience in assisting manufacturers in negotiating the complex process of applying for both federal and California emission certification.  Sierra's assistance ranges from reviewing certification materials and data and providing advice all the way to completing all required paperwork/electronic filings for a manufacturer.  Sierra also has extensive experience working with manufacturers to resolve in-use compliance issues with the California Air Resources Board and U.S. EPA.

Areas in which Sierra can provide compliance assistance:

  • Light-Duty Vehicle Certification
  • Motorcycle Certification (including Motorcycle Engine Certification for installation in Kit Bikes)
  • Heavy-Duty Engine Certification (On-Highway)
  • Non-Road Engine Certification
  • U.S. EPA CFEIS & VERIFY Electronic Filing Systems
  • California ECERT & DMS Systems
  • Recreational Vehicles (ATVs, Snowmobiles, Off-Road Motorcycles, Utility Vehicles)
  • On-Board Diagnostic Requirements
  • Auxiliary Emission Control Device (AECD) Descriptions
  • Analysis of Vehicle I/M & Certification Test Data to Evaluate In-Use Compliance Issues
  • Emission Test Lab Audits to Assess Compliance with EPA Part 1065 Testing Requirements