Emission Testing Facilities

Instrumented Vehicles – Sierra has designed, configured, and operated more than a dozen instrumented vehicles for a variety of private and government clients.

Vehicles have been instrumented for on-road second-by-second measurement of exhaust emissions, ambient particles and gases, OBDII status via radio-transponder, and accelerometer-based grade measurement.  We have configured "chase" vehicles to remotely measure and record the speeds and accelerations of vehicles in real traffic using a front grill-mounted laser range finder/velocimeter.  Computers in the vehicles capture the data as well as allowing the operator to record roadway conditions and other customized information such as marking waypoints, identifying target types contemporaneously, etc.  We have used on-board portable systems with other measured parameters, to determine mass emissions of HC, CO, CO2, NO, and O2 in exhaust.  Sierra has conducted chase car activities in Los Angeles and other California cities, Spokane, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Fairbanks, and Anchorage.

Testing Facilities – Sierra has set up and operated CVS testing facilities in Sacramento, California and Fairbanks, Alaska, and has audited vehicle emission measurement systems for clients in the U.S. as well as Europe and Asia.  We offer for sale a patented chassis dynamometer tester.