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CVS News, Monthly Publication

The State of California is widely recognized as a driving force in the field of air pollution control for on-road and off-road mobile sources.  Every month, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and other state agencies hold a number of workshops and regulatory hearings, and issue reports related to the control of emissions from mobile sources.  Sierra Research’s monthly publication, CVS News, which was first published in 1982, not only chronicles these events but also provides insight as to what changes can be expected in California before they actually occur. 

Each issue contains articles reporting on current issues in California related to mobile source emissions control, which include:

  • Analysis of all CARB regulatory proposals that are related to the mobile source emission control program. Our coverage includes a summary of the proposal, an analysis of its strengths and weaknesses, and the anticipated reaction to the proposal that we expect from affected industries, local air pollution control districts, and other interested parties.

  • Coverage of all CARB workshops. We cover most CARB workshops related to the mobile source emissions program and prepare an article summarizing the workshop discussion, including significant comments made by the CARB staff and all workshop participants. We also project the form of regulation the CARB staff will likely propose as a result of the workshop.

  • Coverage of all CARB meetings and hearings. We cover all CARB meetings and hearings that are related to mobile sources. Articles covering these events include a summary of the CARB staff presentation, testimony presented, and responses by Board members and CARB staff.

  • Coverage of California Energy Commission reports and meetings to the extent that they could impact mobile source emissions, fuels, or fuel economy. 

  • Legislative analysis. We keep track of all California legislation that is related to mobile source emission control and provide an analysis of each bill that could significantly affect vehicle and engine manufacturers as well as fuel producers.

In addition to providing coverage of specific vehicle regulation proposals, periodically we report on a number of other issues of widespread interest in the field.  These reports include annual status reports on California air quality trends; summaries of proposed changes to state ambient air quality standards; results of significant research projects funded by CARB; changes to the California vehicle inspection and maintenance (I/M) program; and analysis of data from the California I/M program. We also provide biographical information on all new CARB Board members and key staff members, and report on the significance of organizational changes within CARB.

Sierra also offers consulting services on a monthly retainer basis that include, in addition to CVS News and the I/M analysis: (1) assistance in the preparation of testimony and responses to requests for information from CARB or EPA; (2) private consultation on certification and enforcement issues; (3) communications with CARB and EPA staff where the confidentiality of the client requesting information is to be maintained; and (4) response to miscellaneous requests for support.

A sample of our publication, a listing of previous headlines, as well as a description of mobile source emission control issues covered in our publication, and subscription information can be accessed from the links found on this page.  If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us by using our information request form, emailing us, or calling us at 916-444-6666.